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Don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information on Medical Marijuana Card Certification. We are East Lansing’s most preferred clinic to assist in getting your Medical Marijuana Card Certification completed.
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Intessa is located in Okemos MI and serves the surrounding communities for medical marijuana services.
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We are happy to assist with Nature’s Answers patients

COVID-19 Notice

We are still open for business, and are taking the recommended precautions in the office to ensure our clients (and Staff) safety during this time. Although Certifications or Re-Certifications must be done face to face, we are scheduling to eliminate excessive amounts of people and can accommodate car side services as well.

Renew your MMMP Card online

We have recently registered with LARA to allow our patients to renew their MMMP card online.
Our Doctor's License number is

You must see our Doctor within 15 days of completing the Online Renewal with LARA

Receive your MMMP access same day. In order to qualify, you must apply online with the State of Michigan at, you cannot have a caregiver and payment to the State must be completed online. Please call for additional information or answers to your questions.

Intessa Medical Marijuana Card Clinic is located in Okemos MI and serves the greater Lansing MI area.


Why obtain a medical marijuana card now?


For the next two years, you need an MMMP card to even enter a Lansing provisioning center to legally purchase any cannabis product. The new law states that a Provisioning Center must be licensed by the State for two years as a medical marijuana provisioning center before it can sell recreational marijuana. Presently, there are no dispensaries (provisioning centers) in Lansing that are licensed by the State as a medical marijuana facility.


A Provisioning Center is the only place that is required to sell certifiably clean cannabis products that are free of pesticides, E. coli, mold and heavy metals. This is especially important for people with compromised immune systems.


A Provisioning Center carries a multitude of strains, as well as a multitude of delivery systems such as creams, tinctures, and concentrates. This is very important for people with medical issues because many medical conditions respond better to specific strains of cannabis. Intessa feels strongly that medical marijuana should not be smoked but these other delivery methods are readily available.

OUR PROMISEIntessa medical marijuana clinic will provide a discrete, safe and comfortable environment for you to legally obtain a Registry Card in the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program (MMMP). Intessa is your advocate for evaluating your qualifying condition, developing your defendable medical file, and completing the necessary paperwork required by the State. Our Doctors are 100% compliant and dedicated to the concept that Medical Marijuana is the best natural pain reliever available for depression, anxiety, chronic pain, cancer and a variety of other conditions that affect quality of life. We have never had our Doctor’s recommendation for use of Medical Marijuana rejected by the State. The Intessa medical marijuana clinic guarantees that you will obtain a two year Registry Card or all your money will be refunded. Our doors have been continuously open since 2010. We want to be your medical marijuana certification clinic for life.


It allows you to legally possess, transfer, and use up to 2.5 ounces of Medical Marijuana and to grow up to 12 marijuana plants. The fact that you have a Registry Card is protected by State Law and you may choose to keep your ownership completely private. If you would prefer not to grow marijuana plants for your own use, you may secure a Caregiver who will do this for you at some reasonable charge. The Card is also a prerequisite for purchasing product at a dispensary. When transporting the medicine, you must carry it in the trunk of your car. Smoking medical marijuana in public is, of course, not an acceptable practice.


Although the process to obtain the MMMP Card can seem daunting at times, it only involves three steps. Keep in mind that you must follow the State’s instructions exactly or you will become one of more than 20,000 patients rejected by the State.

Step 1 The Application:

Completely and accurately fill in the MMMP Application form. You may choose to come to the Intessa Medical Marijuana Certification Clinic where we can either help you or just do it for you. We guarantee our work.

Step 2 The Physician Certification:

Obtain the signature of a physician (either an M.D. or a D.O.) attesting to the State that you will benefit from the use of medical marijuana. The doctor can do so only if you have one of the Qualifying Conditions. It is up to you to provide independent evidence that you indeed do have one of those Conditions. This is done with diagnoses from your family physician or other health care provider, scars, or other relevant visible signs, pain logs, etc. After a complete examination and review of written documentation at our medical marijuana clinic, our doctor can determine your suitability for the MMMP Card. If you are not approved, there will be no charge. Rest assured, however, that an Intessa Doctor will do everything legally possible to find a defendable Qualifying Condition for you. Intessa maintains your permanent medical file. Our privacy policy is simple: We will only release your file to you.

Step 3 The Check:

The State requires a $40.00 check or money order to accompany the application packet– not cash or a credit or debit card. Intessa provides a money order service. All items listed above are then sent to the State. Intessa even provides a stamped addressed envelope so that you can immediately mail your Application Packet to the State as soon as you leave our office. Get your MMMP card in comfort. Make an appointment at our medical marijuana clinic.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information on Medical Marijuana Card Certification. We are Okemos’ most preferred clinic to assist in getting your Medical Marijuana Card Certification completed.

Our staff and Medical Marijuana Doctors are very knowledgeable about the entire registry process. We provide office and administrative support, allowing the Doctors to concentrate on patients while we manage all aspects of the evaluation center.

Prior to your meeting with us, there are things you should understand and information you will need to bring along for your evaluation to see if you will qualify to benefit from Medical Marijuana.

Overall great value for the money. I really liked the Labradoodle in the checkout room. I’m impressed with Intessa or whatever its called. I plan on returning.
Jim VEast Lansing

Forms of payment accepted: cash and Credit/Debit card.  Payment with Credit/Debit card has a surcharge of $4.50 per transaction.

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