5 Benefits of Having a Medical Marijuana Card in Michigan

Cannabis consumers who choose not to get a medical marijuana card are missing out on the
many benefits a card has to offer, like lower costs, the ability to purchase higher quantities,
different age limitations, and added legal protection. The differences between recreational and
medical marijuana are still significant. Check out these 5 benefits of having your medical
marijuana card in a recreational state.

  1. Lower Costs
    One of the biggest benefits of having your medical marijuana card is the money you save.
    You’ll pay lower prices compared to those who purchase from recreational retail outlets. After
    recreational marijuana was legalized in more states, taxes on the product went up quite a bit.
    If you buy cannabis regularly, you’ll end up spending more money in the long run if you don’t
    have your medical marijuana card.
    Many states have either lowered or exempted taxes on cannabis purchased with a medical
    marijuana card. Customers paying for recreational marijuana pay taxes anywhere from 15-
    37% depending where they live. Without a doubt, paying for your medical marijuana card will
    save you thousands of dollars if you regularly purchase medical marijuana products.
  2. Lower Age Restrictions
    You’re probably aware of the fact that most states restrict the use of recreational marijuana to
    adults who are 21 and older. Cannabis possession and consumption are illegal for anyone
    below this age. However, younger patients who require the use of medical marijuana for
    conditions like epilepsy or cancer are able to purchase the product as long as they meet all of
    the requirements.
  3. Higher Possession Limits, Purchase Limits, & Ability to Grow More Marijuana
    Recreational marijuana users are restricted on how much cannabis they can purchase,
    whereas medical marijuana card holders are able to purchase more.
    Different limitations also apply to medical marijuana card holders compared to recreational
    users for possession and home cultivation. Card holders are able to possess higher quantities
    and grow more plants, depending on the laws in their state.
    In Michigan, both residents and medical marijuana card holders are able to grow up to 12
    plants at their home; residents have been legally able to grow since 2018.
  4. Access to Medical-Only Cannabis Dispensaries
    Having a medical marijuana card allows you to shop at medical dispensaries, whereas
    recreational users are not allowed to. Even in states where recreational cannabis use is legal,
    there are some exclusive medical dispensaries available only to those with a medical
    marijuana card. Medical cannabis users have access to a wide variety of products, strains,
    and professional support.

Marijuana extracts are in no shortage – it’s almost impossible to keep up with all the different
uses, potencies, and benefits. Those with a medical marijuana card are also able to access
assistance from medical doctors and cannabis coaches. This gives card holders more insight
into what to take and how to take it for whatever condition they have.
Recreational retailers may have some professionals on hand to offer assistance, but they
won’t have the same training and knowledge to help a medical customer. Doctors and
coaches understand uses, dosages, and specific medical conditions. For this reason, having
your medical marijuana card serves as an advantage so you’re able to access medical
dispensaries and all the pros that come with that access.

  1. Stronger Potency Than Recreational
    Medical marijuana card holders also have access to cannabis that has a higher potency
    compared to recreational marijuana. Many retail shops that sell recreational cannabis have to
    adhere to specific limits of potency set by their state. Some medical patients require higher
    potencies of CBD or THC for their symptoms, so having access to medical cannabis offers
    more options in terms of potency levels.
    Getting Your Medical Marijuana Card
    There are several benefits of having a medical marijuana card, but the ones we discussed
    today are some of the more major ones. Getting your medical marijuana card is quick and
    painless – as long as your meet the requirements in the state of Michigan, you can get your
    card today with our help.
    For more information or to start the process of obtaining your medical marijuana card, don’t
    hesitate to reach out! We hope to be your single source for all things medical marijuana – stay
    tuned for more interesting blog posts, and thanks for stopping by!

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