Why do I need a Medical Marijuana Card? What are the benefits?
• Having a Medical Marijuana Card provides you with the option to purchase products that are not available recreationally.
• You will not pay the excise tax as it is considered medical
• Medical products are safer and cleaner as they are rigorously tested
• Security and Credibility with Doctors, employers, and law enforcement
• There is roughly a 40% cost savings with medical versus recreational marijuana


What type of documentation will I need to provide to qualify for a MMMP Card?
• Ideally a diagnosis page from your regular provider outlining that you have been diagnosed with one of the qualifying conditions.
• We can also accept a recommendation from a licensed therapist for PTSD
• Chiropractic treatment records, X rays, prescription bottles, occupational treatment notes or other medical documentation that proves a qualifying condition.

How do I schedule and appointment?
• You can call the office: Ann Arbor: 517.881.6905 or Okemos: 517.339.9900, you can text either of those numbers, you can also go to our website: and schedule your appointment there.

What is a caregiver and what do I need to provide if I have a caregiver?
• A caregiver is someone who maintains your plant count and can go to a provisioning center on your behalf. They will receive a Caregiver card with your information. You are not required to have a Caregiver for this program.

What do I need to bring to my appointment?
• You will need to bring a valid Michigan Identification Card or a valid Michigan Driver’s License. We can also use the temporary license that the State of Michigan provides if you do not have the actual license. We can also use a valid Passport with a current Voter’s registration card.
• Medical documentation that outlines the diagnosed medical condition
• A form of payment (we accept credit/debit and cash payment)
• If you have a caregiver, we ask that you have a copy of their valid Michigan Identification (or Driver’s license) a copy must be included in that application that is submitted to the State of Michigan.
• You Caregiver is also welcomed to come to your appointment, the State of Michigan requires original signatures from both the patient and the caregiver.

I applied for my card and received a Denial letter, what do I do now?

• The denial letter will have the reason listed in the bulleted paragraph in the middle of the letter
• You will need to resubmit an application that has a current date, copies are not accepted, you will need a copy of your Physician’s Certification page dated in the last 6 months (if the error is in the Physician’s Certification page, then a new one is required). A copy of all Identification for all those listed on the application (patient and caregiver if that applies) and a copy of the denial letter.
• Instructions are also printed at the bottom of the Denial letter.
• We can assist you if you receive a denial letter as a complete package is required to resubmit, the State of Michigan will not keep anything on file from a denied application except for the payment.

Is Telehealth an option?
• Yes, if you are existing patient and we have your records on file we can assist you with an online application and a telehealth visit.
• If you apply online directly with the State of Michigan and use our Doctor for your physician, you will need to schedule a telehealth visit with him within 15 days of submitting that application online. Physician’s license number is provided on the website.
• If you are a new patient that has not previously been seen at Intessa, we can still assist with the online process, but we will also need medical documentation.

Any questions that you may have, that have not been addressed here, can be helped by calling us at 517.881.6905 (Ann Arbor) or 517.339.9900 (Okemos)

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Overall great value for the money. I really liked the Labradoodle in the checkout room. I’m impressed with Intessa or whatever its called. I plan on returning.
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Forms of payment accepted: cash and Credit/Debit card.  Payment with Credit/Debit card has a surcharge of $4.50 per transaction.

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